News from Wadeson – We’ve restructured

We have restructured

As of 27 February 2018, Wadeson is Wadeson IP Pty Ltd (t/a Wadeson). Wadeson IP Pty Ltd is an Australian privately held company. We remain proudly independent.

What it means for you

Our next invoice will have our new bank account details. Otherwise, the restructure is unlikely to affect you.


The Code of Conduct for Trans-Tasman Patent and Trade Marks Attorneys 2018 (the Code) requires us to confirm that:

  1. Belinda Wadeson is a registered Patent and Trade Marks Attorney;
  2. Ben Mott is a registered Patent Attorney;
  3. Belinda Wadeson and Ben Mott have the appropriate competencies for the work they take on; and
  4. we are bound by the Code.


Wadeson IP Pty Ltd has replaced the former practice and will act as the new provider of patent and trade mark services for existing clients.

  • All documents and records have been transferred to Wadeson IP Pty Ltd.
  • Any funds held on your account are transferred to Wadeson IP Pty Ltd and held on account for you.
  • Relatively minor amendments to our Terms of Service have been made and can be reviewed here. We do not consider them remarkable.
  • Your continued instructions will be taken as acceptance of the updated Terms of Service and to appoint Wadeson IP Pty Ltd to act as the new provider of patent and/or trade mark services to clients.
  • Our contact details are unchanged.
  • No action is needed by you, other than updating your supplier records with our new company and banking details.

Thank you for your support

Please let us know if anything further would be helpful.


Authored by

resizedimage125113-Belinda Belinda Wadeson

Patent Attorney & Trade Marks Attorney