Patent attorney takes a swing for charity

Patent attorney takes a swing for charity – 2 February 2016

We are again proudly supporting the South East Business Networks’ Take a Swing for Charity golf day. Funds raised will go to the State Schools’ Relief fund.

In 2015 the State Schools’ Relief fund clothed over 1,000 students in the Greater Dandenong region alone.

The State Schools’ Relief fund provides support for the children of families experiencing financial hardship so that they can continue with their schooling without the indignity of arriving without a uniform and materials. As their website explains:

‘Teachers have reported that inappropriate school clothing triggers a range of negative consequences from bullying through to children not attending school.

State Schools’ Relief offers a simple solution. Our practical service ensures that every student, regardless of their background, can fully participate in education.

Having a uniform and looking like everyone else ensures that all students feel included and valued. It provides everyone, regardless of background, with the opportunity to participate fully in schooling.’

Beyond financial support, SEBN has also assisted with technical expertise drawn from the manufacturers amongst its membership. CEO Stephen Isles explained that they have been able to increase the rate at which aid parcels are packaged from 9 to 48 per hour without increasing costs, demonstrating just how much Melbourne’s manufacturers have to offer.

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