Why extend your clients’ IP rights into Australia?

Australian PCT national phase and convention applications and international trade mark registrations designating Australia are good value options for many applicants – 6 October 2015


  • 13th largest economy in the world producing 1.9% of world GDP (by way of comparison, the UK is 6th with 3.7%)
  • Australia ranks as the world’s third largest energy export producer (International Energy Agency, Key World Energy Statistics 2012) – fuels and mining exported US$160.3 billion in 2012
  • An important contributor to five sectors expected to drive future global growth: agribusiness, education, tourism, mining and wealth management
  • Medical devices are a significant growth area in Australia with revenue of US$11 billion in 2011

“Australian companies lead the world in mining technology, services and equipment because they spend so much of their time and effort in the area of innovation”, Alan Broome, Chairman Emeritus, Austmine


  • Effective and transparent IP system: quick and consistent legal processes both before and after grant/acceptance
  • Potential for broader patent coverage due to lower inventive step threshold, and innovative step for innovation patents
  • Confidence in the rule of law ranked 10th out of 141 countries – The Global Innovation Index 2015
  • Low cost: the Australian innovation patent is perhaps the lowest cost option amongst major advanced economies


  • Entering its 24th year of uninterrupted annual growth
  • Forecast to have average annual real GDP growth of 3.0 per cent between 2015 and 2019
  • Increasingly tied to fast-growing economies in Asia

“Australia’s long period of uninterrupted economic growth makes it the Iron Man among the OECD countries”, Angel Gurría, OECD Secretary-General, 14 December 2012 on OECD Economic Survey of Australia


  • Australia is ranked 17th out of 141 economies for innovation capabilities and performance – IP Australia
  • Expenditure on R&D similar to that of other leading innovative countries, such as the USA, Japan and France, and growth in gross expenditure on R&D at twice the OECD average
  • Australians have invented or helped develop the bionic eye, the bionic ear, Google® Maps, high-speed WiFi, the world’s first cervical cancer vaccine (Gardasil®) and spray-on skin for burns victims
  • Australia’s national science agency, CSIRO, ranks among the world’s top scientific institutions


  • “Australia is geographically close to and has longstanding trade, investment and cultural links with the fast-growing Asia-Pacific region”
  • Ten of Australia’s top 12 goods and services export markets were in the Asia region
  • By 2050, nearly two thirds of the world’s production and consumption will take place within the Asia-Pacific region
  • Australia’s westernised consumer culture makes it an excellent test market for products intended for launch in North America and Europe

“With the Asia-Pacific region at the centre of global growth, Australia is in a unique position as a safe and reliable location from which to service that market”, John Corcoran, Executive Chairman, Global Switch

Quotes, statistics and other information from, or derived from, Austrade.

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